Sugar Scrub DIY Easy Recipe

Basic Body Scrub Making a sugar scrub for your body is quick and so relaxing for the bath or shower. Ingredients 8 oz Foaming Bath Whip 0.4 oz Liquid Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap Base for texture 1/2 Cup Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base for texture 5mL Fragrance Oil 16 oz Granulated Sugar Mica if wanted for color Preservative …

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Making melt and pour soap with water soluble paper

Making melt and pour soap with water soluble paper This has to be one of the most interesting projects that I have done with melt and pour soap. This process uses a special paper called water soluble paper that you print on either your laser printer or your inkjet printer at home. Your imagination will be your only limit with …

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Peppermint Sunrise Melt and Pour Soap

Making Peppermint Sunrise Melt and Pour Soap In order to achieve this Peppermint Sunrise melt and pour soap, I start doing the top first which is actually opposite of what you would usually do. Take clear melt and pour base and heat it in the microwave or double broiler until liquid, then add your favorite red mica or color black. …

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Melt and Pour Soap – Saving a Soap Design

Melt and Pour Soap Making. Saving a soap design Ingredients: 20 ounces of opaque melt and pour soap base1-2 ounces of clear melt and pour soap baseMica powderFragrance or Essential OilIsopropyl Alcohol One of the great things you can do with Melt and Pour soap is if you make a mistake, you can always redo the soap or salvage the …

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Marble Swirl for Melt and Pour Soap

Marble Melt and Pour soap

Getting a nice looking swirl in melt and pour soap can be hard. I found a way to make to make your melt and pour soap colors distinct in this fun process.First grab your funnel cups and mold that you will be using. I would suggest using a silicone mat or silicone cake pan for this project. Divide the melt …

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Babies Breath Melt and Pour Soap. Making your own impression mat.

melt and pour soap design

Sometimes I need to think out of the box when making decorative melt and pour soaps. I decided to use my Cricut Cuttlebug to make my own impression mat. The Cricut Cuttlebug is a great little gadget that allows you to emboss and cut designs into different types of media. I decided to take some mold putty and run it …

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