Sugar Scrub DIY Easy Recipe

Basic Body Scrub

Making a sugar scrub for your body is quick and so relaxing for the bath or shower.


8 oz Foaming Bath Whip

0.4 oz Liquid Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap Base for texture

1/2 Cup Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base for texture

5mL Fragrance Oil

16 oz Granulated Sugar

Mica if wanted for color

Preservative of Choice if selling (optional)

Let’s make the body scrub

Place 8 oz of foaming bath whip into a large container. Add preservative here if you are selling.

If adding a preservative, most applications work within a 0.3%-0.5% range.

Mix the bath whip with a hand mixer with whisk attachment until fluffy and has peaks. The bath whip volume should increase with mixing.

Melt your clear melt and pour soap base in microwave in 10 second bursts. Do not over heat. Stir any clumps out of melt and pour soap base. Ideally, you want the soap to be under 140 degrees Fahrenheit. I measure this with a digital laser thermometer.

Mix it all together

Once your melt and pour soap base is under 140 degrees, add the liquid glycerin, sugar, fragrance oil, and colorant (mica) together. Fold the sugar and mica in.

Add the melt and pour soap in and start whipping again until all ingredients are mixed together thoroughly.

Ready for Containers

This formula will be very thick and impossible to pipe. So, grab a spatula and scoop into your plastic containers. I use 6 oz or 8 oz containers as they work very well for this project.

Do not forget to tap the container down several times on the counter to help it settle into the jar. As more body scrub as needed to fill the container.

Relaxing Time

There is no need to wait, you can use your sugar body scrub immediately. If you did not use a preservative, try to keep water out of the container when open.

Enjoy your very own body scrub.

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