Top 5 Benefits of Making Melt and Pour Soap

By Anna

Making melt an pour soap has many benefits. Whether you want to enter soap making as an exciting hobby or a profitable business, there are several methods that you can choose from in order to create the ideal soap. One of the best ones include the “melt and pour” technique. Making melt and pour soaps comes with a lot of benefits, and here are the most important ones you should know:

1. Avoids the Danger and Hassle of Lye

Lye, or sodium hydroxide, is a chemical substance used in different things, including soap making, food preparation, water treatment, and biodiesel production. It is also known as caustic soda, due to its highly corrosive nature. Lye is dissolved in the water and turns into a very strong alkaline solution. Thus, there is a need to wear protective clothing and take many safety precautions when dealing with lye. With melt and pour soap making, you only use melt and pour soap bases that were already cured with lye. This reduces both the time and effort in creating your soaps, and also allows you to avoid having lye burns.

2. Creates Simply Amazing Soaps as a Beginner

The melt and pour soap making technique is ideal for amateur soap makers who want to get a safe and easy introduction in the soap craft. A lot of people get so overwhelmed with the traditional soap making steps that they quit even before they make their first soap. As the name suggests, melt and pour soap simply involves the melting and cooling of soap, and also includes adding the fun bits such as fragrance and color. It completely skips the complex steps of soap making and is very beneficial to those who are busy at work but want to try soap making as a new hobby.

3. Unleashes Your Creativity

The melt and pour soap technique allows the soap maker to be creative in choosing and combining fragrance oils, additives, and colors of the soap. For example, you can combine different floral scents like roses and lavender, or select from varying shades and hues of blue, red, yellow, or whatever color you fancy. Truly, creating melt and pour soaps gives every soap maker the opportunity to fully express themselves.

Aside from making soaps of solid colors and shapes, you can create clear soaps with embeds in them.

4. Allows You to Make Unique Soap Shapes

Bored of the rectangular or oval shapes of commercial soaps? With melt and pour soap making, you can easily manipulate the shape of the soap to your liking. Leaves, tree trunks, flowers, animals, or even sweets like cupcakes and lollipops – the list for unique soap shapes goes on and on. As a beginner, you can start with simple shapes, such as a star or an apple shape, and then create more complex soap shapes as you continue working on your skills.

Melt and Pour Soap Swirl Technique

5. Enables You to Easily Create Cleansing and Relaxing Bars

Melt and pour soaps are not only fun to create, but they can also have cleansing and relaxing properties. For example, you can add activated charcoal powder into the soap to create your very own pore cleansing soap. Lavender is also a natural aid for relaxation and sleeping.

Making soaps using the melt and pour method is definitely a fantastic way to start your soap making journey. It is not only for beginners; expert soap makers use this technique, too! We hope that you enjoy making creative and unique melt and pour soaps.

About the author

Anna has been making melt and pour soap for over 10 years. Figuring out ways to make different melt and pour soap designs is one of her interests. She has over 100 videos of making melt and pour soaps online.

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  1. Thank you for this life changing inspiration. In the past two months i have been aspiring to start soap making business, but as i watch many videos with different styles and recipes, using lye and oil, i go a little worried and my excitement started to turn to worry. And then i stumbled into your youtube videos, i watch and watch then the hope started rushing back in like rivers of water. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and i know there are many like me. Thank you

  2. I ordered some supplies from Amazon, I want to try and make earth. I like your method, so I am anxious to get my order.
    Where did you get your soap cutter. I was looking on Amazon, but the reviews were horrible on alot of them. I’ll send a picture of my attempt

    • I did get my cutter from amazon, however, my husband did have to add 2 washers to it to make it work better. I will be on the lookout for a more reliable cutter and let you guys know.

  3. Thanks for all the information you provide in your videos of soap making. Just watched a few of your pour and melt videos and learned quite a bit. I love to work with herbs and I am going to give a try to the industry of soap making. You cover a lot of topic which are great specially when you are a beginner. Thanks again 🙏🏽

  4. I was going to make cold processed soap, but, realised that l didn’t have anywhere to leave it for the 4-6 weeks it needs to cure. Much prefer melt and pour.

  5. Hello! So excited to be able to write to you! I discovered the world of soap making about 10 months ago. Loving it!!! I started making melt and pour soaps! I am in Quebec, Canada.
    I just love watching your videos. I’ve learnt so much. My dilemma is how to go about choosing the right melt and pour soap bases. I have used Stephenson soap bases. Now I am using Crafter’s choice soap bases! You have so much experience. I would love to know what you feel about this. I would like to use more natural/organic soap bases. What ingredients should I look for in them. There is a local soap supply place here I would like to try and encourage buying from them but they make their own brand. It gets so confusing. I’ve watched so many videos…just don’t know what to go for anymore!
    Would appreciate what you think!
    Thanksss 😃 Fila


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